1. The most common mistake is to not call the DMV within 10 days. You have only10 days from the date of arrest to contact the DMV for a hearing. Otherwise, you lose your license by default.

2. Pleading guilty without having a lawyer look at your case. Most often, when a client goes to court without a lawyer, the client will ask the judge what will I get if I plead guilty. The judge typically responds with a standard offer without regard to whether the traffic stop was legal or not and without regard to whether the chemical tests are valid.

3. Not retesting your blood sample. Its always a good idea to retest your blood sample. You want to make sure they vial had an adequate preservative to avoid artifically high readings.

4. Not inspecting the calibration records, maintenance and accuracy records of the breathalizer machine. These records are never automatically given to the defense. Unless you request them, they are generally not part of the police reports. These reports are critical.

5. Not having a lawyer determine whether the officer propery adminstered the field sobriety test. During a court supression hearing, we can compare the officers testimony with that of the offical police training manual to see if the officer followed proper and correct methods.

6. Not having a lawyer evaulate whether the initial traffic stop was legal. This is critical. If you can get the case dismissed based on a traffic stop, it tremendously benefits the client.

7. Not hiring a lawyer who has tried DUI cases to a jury. Not all lawyers have jury trial experience with DUI cases. Generally, lawyers who have experience in winning trials get better offers when dealing with the prosecutor. It is a certain level of confidence that the prosecutor can feel that the defense lawyer has during the negotiation phase of the case.

8. Not hiring a lawyer who is rated "Superb" by AVVO, the world's largest peer directory. We are very pleased with our "Superb" rating as well as the perfect five star rating from our clients.

9. Not filing a supression motion if the traffic stop was illegal. You would be surpised how many lawyers do not do anything other than show up to court to plead their client guilty. Get a lawyer who will fight for you.

10. Not calling our office for a free consultation. There is no obligation to call us for a consultation.